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Volunteer & Staff Management

Need help getting help?

Staff and volunteer management software to organize the people who help you

Do tasks like sorting out staff payroll or delegating volunteer duties take more time than they should? What if you could finally focus on the bigger picture because you were able to automate daily management? With Active Network’s staff and volunteer management solutions, you can do just that. Our software suite is built to be flexible, allowing you to customize it to your organization, but comprehensive enough to give you a built-in tool for every business need. Active's staff and volunteer management software meets all of your organization’s needs from a central database within one simple system. Let us show you how.

  • Volunteer Features

    • Sign-Up and Assignment
      Register and assign volunteers to roles online.
    • Waivers and Required Forms
      Capture e-signatures and process mandatory forms, like liability waivers, online.
    • Email Communications
      Send automated email confirmation and updates.
    • Reports
      Run reports on attendance, productivity hours, trends and much more.

    Staff Features

    • Staff Hours and Rates
      Set and track staff hours, hourly rates or salaries.
    • Payroll Tools
      Process payrolls for salaried, hourly and temporary workers and configure third-party exports.
    • Timesheets
      Create one-off or recurring timesheets.
    • Accounting Integration
      Neatly integrates with your current accounting software.
    • Reports
      Run reports on payroll, commissions, hours and more.
  • Benefits

    • Be More Efficient
      Process information automatically with a straight-forward user flow.
    • Save Time
      Put the manual tasks used to organize money and people online.
    • Get Better Oversight
      Access detailed reports that show productivity and revenue streams.
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