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Manage Your Business

Online Registration


Do you wish you spent more time with your customers instead of with their paperwork? Sick to death of disorganized files and missing payments? The answer is professional, quality online registration. Tens of thousands of organizers like you register their customers for events, activities, classes, leagues, conferences and meetings through our easy online registration software. It’s convenient and secure for registrants, while removing the manual processes from your organization.

Our registration management software offers the option to set up registrant types, payment types, wait lists and attendance trackers. Personalized accounts allow your customers to create profiles and track their payments. Choose from a list of email templates to begin expanding your communications with e-marketing. Best of all, your online registration software integrates with online payment processing

  • Create custom forms with unlimited questions
  • Offer individual & group registration
  • Set up coupon & discount codes
  • View detailed summary reports & stats
  • Send automatic email confirmations & reminders

Manage Your Business

Payment Management


Get rid of risk and liability by processing your payments and transactions online. Stop handling cash and checks; waiting in lines at the bank; and trying to sort out what’s been paid and what hasn’t. We can do all the work for you, automatically. Our online payment processing solutions safely and successfully process millions of transactions every year. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneur just starting out, we provide proven, secure payment systems that will work for your organization.

Online payment processing solutions are tied into your key databases and financial functions for one-stop-shop transaction processing, payment collection and reporting. Close the loop in the registration lifecycle by integrating your online registration software with online payment processing, making it one easy system.

  • Process payments securely online
  • View detailed financial reports
  • Reconcile all payments down to the penny
  • Offer flexible payment options, including partial, discounted and recurring payments
  • Integrate an online store with your website

Manage Your Business

Reservations & Ticketing


Put a stop to long lines and quit stressing about over-booking situations. There’s an easier, better way with our event ticketing system for ticket sales and reservations. Whether you’re offering day-use or advanced reservations, tour or event tickets, our solutions smoothly tie into your back-end accounting and reporting systems. Integrate reservations and sales in real-time through call centers, the web or in your facility without time-intensive administrative work. Process walk ups, make changes and submit cancellations with a click of the mouse. One simple solution for everything you need

  • Process day-use, walk-up and advanced reservations
  • Sell, issue and process tickets including features like bar coding and seat assignments
  • Manage inventory with real-time facility availability
  • Make sales or reservations via a variety of integrated channels, including the Web, call centers, on-site kiosks, or front desks
  • Provide fast, convenient online access to customers 24/7
  • View real-time reports on financials, trends and histories

Manage Your Business

Financial Management


When funding and resources are tight, you can’t afford to have flaky financial management systems. Knowing how to best use the money you have is crucial to the success of any organization. Put away the crystal ball and instead try financial management software that helps you budget and track every cent flowing in and out of your business. Active Network’s products are completely secure and are built to make the most complex numbers perfectly clear. Improve organization, reconciliations and budgeting with easy-to-use financial management software. No other software system can provide your organization with as much flexibility and financial control.

  • Get an all-in-one financial management system
  • Perform reconciliations in real-time and easily access all transaction information
  • View and share sophisticated financial reports
  • Set tiered access levels for users
  • Get set up quickly and integrate with existing systems including QuickBooks, Sage, Adagio and more

Manage Your Business

Event & Activity Management


Whether you’re organizing a corporate event complete with speakers and room blocks or a scheduling classes and activities at a community center, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a revolutionary technology platform that gives you control over every aspect of your programs. Our event and activity management software is used by thousands of events, big and small, including activities, classes, conferences, meetings, leagues, camps, and more. Why? Because our solutions are easy to use and drop your work load—you’ll get results in record time.

With our event and activity management software you can manage content online, generate and complete waivers, organize call for papers, and allow multiple people to collaborate and share document versions. All data in the system can be accessed by anyone you deem worthy—whether it’s a staff member, a participant, or your Great Aunt Betty, you have control over who sees what. Every detail is taken care of, so you don’t have to worry.

  • Specify programs details, including prerequisites, instructors, pricing and more
  • Manage all registrations, withdrawals, and waitlists
  • Create and edit master event schedules
  • Manage speakers, their paperwork and presentations
  • Book and manage exhibitors
  • View and export hundreds of standard and custom reports
  • Manage hotel room blocks and integrate with real-time booking systems
  • Give attendees access to schedules, exhibitors, and their personal registration details

Manage Your Business

Point of Sale


The devil is in the details when it comes to keeping customers happy. With Active Network, you can take full control over sales and raise customer service levels using our easy and fast point-of-sale (POS) solution. The POS system features a friendly touch-screen interface and tracks inventory in real-time. Integrated credit card processing speeds up transaction times and reduces mistakes, ensuring your data is complete and accurate. Plus, with our customer relationship management system, you’ll have so much info on your customers, you’ll know what they want before they do.

Whether you have one location or many, the POS solution can be scaled to integrate multiple properties or companies—even making transfers within stores. Integrate even further with food and beverage software, membership billing systems and reservation modules, depending on what your organization needs. And if you need hardware, we’ve got it. Mobilize your POS system with a wireless PDA scanner, portable data collector and more.

  • Integrate payment processing for cash, credit, checks, gift certificates, customer accounts and room charges
  • Offer flexible billing with options for discounts, split bills, trade-ins or refunds and charges
  • View available inventory in real-time and receive reorder prompts
  • Process gift cards/certificates and offer an integrated rewards program
  • Track and predict behavior with customer relationship management
  • View detailed reports for employees, products, services or categories

Manage Your Business

Donations & Fundraising


Did you know that over 83% of Americans say that organizations have a responsibility to be charitable? Many organizations got that memo and corporate giving has surged over the past decade. Whether you’re looking to weave a charitable aspect into your business or you are exclusively focused on fundraising for a cause, our fundraising software solutions will make it easy.

Our donation management software includes online ticket sale capabilities that can handle everything from a bachelor raffle to a medical symposium. If you’d like to offer memberships, we have a full-service online system to drive membership and renewal purchases. With one fundraising software system to manage it all, you can execute on plans to reach the goals that really matter.

  • Collect donations, auto-generate tax deductible receipts and send customized thank yous
  • Develop and manage targeted campaigns with online tools to recruit, retain and grow
  • Use our team of fundraising consultants to build a campaign calendar and learn successful promotional tactics
  • Integrate online registration with your campaigns
  • Allow people to make recurring contributions over a customized period of time
  • Create, promote and manage an online auction for non-profit causes

Manage Your Business



Everyone likes to shop online these days—it’s easy, quick and saves on ever-increasing gas costs. If you have merchandise you’d like to promote and sell, you don’t need to have a yard sale or navigate the complexities of eBay. With Active Network’s web store solution, you can quickly put up and maintain a professional online store that will attract shoppers and add a healthy revenue channel for your organization.

Get your organization involved in the e-commerce movement and watch your revenues increase as customers fill their virtual shopping carts. Use web store services to move your merchandise, without creating more work for you or your staff.

  • Easily build your store overnight and integrate it with your website
  • Choose from a variety of templates and customize with your colors, logo, graphics and photos
  • Process payments quickly and securely online
  • View transaction, sales and accounts receivable reports
  • Send emails to promote your store or offer special discounts or coupons

Manage Your Business

Membership Management


Are you losing revenue because you don’t have the resources to track the people coming in and out of your doors? Or are you looking for ways to make it easy for new members to join? With membership management software, you’ll never miss an opportunity again. Designed to be easy and intuitive, our solution is a configurable system that helps your organization process membership sales, create photo IDs, manage passes, and track usage statistics from one centralized system.

Whether you want to sell a few one-day passes or have thousands of members to keep track of, our membership management software can automate manual tasks that used to take your back office and front desk hours. Get more members signed up and show the ones you have how much you appreciate them.

  • Create and sell various types of memberships and passes, with flexible pricing options
  • Set time-specific or usage-specific pass/membership validations
  • Control facility or venue access by specifying entry points for each type of package or pass
  • Generate and print customized ID cards that can include photos, magnetic stripes, customer info and more
  • Track and analyze membership revenue, usage statistics, pass sales and any other data you choose

Manage Your Business

Call Center Services


Active Network has over 32 years of experience providing call center services to clients in a variety of industries, both public and private. Our specialty is inbound calls; Active’s call centers handle over 10 million customer contacts annually through all means of communication including email, chat and fax. We’re serious about our service—customers get 24/7 coverage 365 days a year, so someone on our staff will always be there when you need them.

Active Network takes quality seriously. Our Quality Assurance team, along with every manager, supervisor and team leader work continuously with our sales and service representatives to bring you the finest customer-centric service possible. All of Active's call center services promise a high level of satisfaction and a standard of excellence for you and every one of your customers.

  • Inbound and outbound call center solutions
  • 8 fully-staffed customer call center locations across the US
  • State-of-the-art technical infrastructure which includes fully redundant phone and network switches and a best-of-breed workforce management software
  • 100+ home-based agents across the US with a virtually limitless expansion capacity

Manage Your Business

Facility & Resource Management


Manage your facilities, resources and rentals online to max out usage and stop repeated double-bookings. Watch your revenue climb upwards, pulling customer satisfaction up with it, as you react and book in real-time. With resource and facility management software, you can say goodbye to the stress of sorting out which space, instructor, or piece of equipment is available. And no need to worry about payments. It’s all done automatically for you.

Managing your resources and facilities doesn’t have to be complicated. With resource and facility management software, you can speed up your operations and increase your revenue automatically and easily.

  • View facility availability, process bookings and make changes in real-time
  • Reserve and track rental equipment
  • Use email and web tools to automate tiered approval processes or 3rd party permits
  • View reservation summaries and pull detailed information on contacts, revenue, usage, and more
  • Integrate with accounting, activity registration, membership and pass management systems

Get New Customers

Instant Ads

Instant Ads

Want to increase event registrations, but don’t have a big advertising budget? Instant Ads is a simple and easy way to effectively promote your event across the family of websites. And the best part is there’s no risk to trying Instant Ads. You tell us what your budget is and we’ll only charge you when users click to view your event details page. If users don’t click, you’re not out a single penny.

Let us put you in touch with the millions of active consumers who visit our websites every month. Within minutes, Instant Ads will have your event center stage to a targeted and interested audience that is actively searching, planning and registering for events like yours.

  • Precisely target people who are looking for events and activities like yours, in the area(s) you want to reach
  • You set your price per click. If users don’t click, you don’t pay
  • You set the budget, so you control exactly how much you spend
  • You are in control. You can pause, restart or update your campaign at any time
  • Simple, easy to use. Our simple, wizard-like interface makes creating your ad a snap
  • Clear, detailed reporting, so you always know how your ad is performing
  • No service fees or monthly minimums.

Get New Customers

Email Marketing & Tracking


Email marketing is one of today’s most popular promotional tools because it’s easy and affordable. And, like most organizations, we’re guessing that simple and cheap is a priority for you. Active Network’s built-in email management tools make it easy for you to increase your registrations and improve customer relationships.

What makes our email system better than any others in the market? Active’s email management tools integrate with online registration. That means you get a wrap-around offering of easy technology and affordable marketing solutions, all in one. We’ll help you get your messages to inboxes, and people to participate.

  • Choose from a variety of templates and create custom HTML or text emails
  • Build and maintain segmented contact lists straight from your registration database
  • Evaluate your success and response with open and click-thru reports
  • Put email campaigns on auto-pilot and schedule to send them in advance
  • Stay CAN-SPAM compliant by including an automatic opt-out option

Get New Customers

Email Advertising


Looking for new customers? If you want to reach new markets without burning money on advertising that falls flat, we can help. Forget about buying lists or sending mass emails to random groups of people. Our email advertising services cover any topic you can think of including community activities, events, tournaments, health and wellness, parenting tips, travel and featured stories. Our communications reach a subscriber base of millions of consumers who have opted-in to receive our newsletters and Email Exclusive.

This is our social network and they are active, involved and interested. When you make their acquaintance, you’ll get results.

  • Send e-newsletters to reach groups of people locally and nationally, targeted by demographics such as location, gender and more
  • Send Email Exclusive with unique deals that are exclusive to your organization

Get New Customers

Social Media


With juggernauts like Facebook and Twitter now tracking how people connect and interact, we finally have legitimate proof of the power of our social connections.

Our social network, the “Active Network”, is growing by leaps and bounds into one of the world’s most connected communities of people who like to get involved. Through social marketing, we reach out to our members on a daily basis with educational articles, sports training tips, health and wellness information and much more. What’s in it for you? Our posts all link back to, where a free calendar listing for your organization lives. Can you imagine what happens when hundreds or thousands of people “like” or “tweet” your event or activity? More registrations start coming your way.

  • Frequent daily posts to Facebook and tweet on Twitter drive our fans and followers to
  • Your organization will be listed for free in the searchable online calendar

Get New Customers

Event Syndication


As an Active Network client, you have access to the millions of participants who use our consumer website,, as their go-to guide to discover things to do in their communities. With hundreds of thousands of events, activities and facilities published online each year, Active is the #1 site in the nation for people who “participate,” versus watch. When you’re part of Active, your organization will receive a free listing in the online searchable calendar.

And that’s not all. We have built both an affiliate and a distribution program that is a platform for publishers and newspapers to syndicate our directory. That means that your listing will be accessible from popular sites like,,,,, and many more. We have the network and the relationships you need to get more exposure and participants. Take advantage of our popularity—we don’t mind.

  • Get a free listing in’s searchable online calendar, visited by millions of people every year
  • Get more exposure through our affiliate and distribution partnerships in the publishing and newspaper industries

Our extensive syndication partners include:

Get New Customers

Custom Websites


Your website is the world’s window to YOU. These days, it’s critical to create a friendly portal for visitors to register, donate, volunteer, contact and gather intel about your organization. A good event website will be your ambassador and your messenger—it is a representation of your organization and is the easiest, best way to communicate with a large number of people at once. Market your organization or events; offer online registration and payments; and spike attendance and online traffic with a brilliant website. Whether you want something simple or are ready for a design with all the bells and whistles, we can provide you with a strong online presence that gets the attention you need.

  • Choose from Basic, Enhanced or Custom website template offerings
  • Publish and update content yourself with an easy content management system
  • Use the knowledge of our website usability experts to get your site at the top of a Google search
  • Continually improve the performance of your website with web analytics reports on visitors, page views, clicks and more

Build Relationships



Do you want a real-time view of your organization? If you’re looking for something that can give you both a 50,000 foot view and a comprehensive breakdown of all the details, you’ve found it. Our software does much more than help you launch and manage events and activities—it helps you assess your overall operations with intelligent reporting so you can grow your business. You will have hundreds of reports, both standard and customizable, at your fingertips. All data is centralized, making it simple to view, understand and download any type of information you’d like.

Never again wonder how much revenue is outstanding, how many members you have or where your extra inventory went. With our reporting tools, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not.

  • Choose from hundreds of standard reports related to financials, reservations, registrations, membership, leagues, clubs, inventory, and much more
  • Access any variety of information you’d like with unlimited customization of all standard reports
  • Drill down into specific details with multiple filters
  • View information in a variety of formats including graphs, charts, diagrams, dashboards and more
  • Export reports in .xls, .pdf, .cvs and more; or mail merge and export to mailing labels

Build Relationships



To get a good grip on your performance and what your customers think about your organization, you have to open yourself up and ask for feedback. You may have tried this before with paper questionnaires, which we’re betting had a low rate of return and were easily lost or tossed. And for the ones you did get back, they had to be manually entered into a spreadsheet (if they didn’t just disappear into a file somewhere). But what if you could automate your surveys, making them electronic and prompt? You could gather opinions, quotes and real-time feedback from your most valuable resource—your customers. We realize how important customer input is to an organization and have built our solutions to include a little something special to help you out.

With Active’s system, you can send surveys and take polls at any time; plus, you can fully customize the questionnaires. You will have your finger on the pulses of your customers, keeping your organization nimble and responsive.

  • Offer customers access to surveys via email, the Web, on-site kiosks, and mobile devices
  • Poll audiences via SMS messaging and display real-time results

Build Relationships

Customer Loyalty


Everyone likes to feel special. Have you let your customers, both current and potential, know how much you value their business? Consider adding a loyalty program to your services. With Active Network’s technology, you can quickly create a program that fully integrates with all important business functions while offering tempting incentives to motivate and reward your customers.

If you don’t feel like building your own program, or simply want to add more to what you already offer customers, Active has a ready-made solution for you. ActiveRewards is a promotional program that opens up a whole new door to customer appreciation. Sign up for free—you choose which promotions you’d like to participate in, and soon free product samples, promotional kits and materials will appear at your door.

  • Integrate loyalty programs into all existing operations
  • Itemize the rewards you offer your customers based on points or values you determine
  • Track and allow customers to redeem points on member or guest accounts
  • Create, issue and track gift certificates
  • Apply your program over multiple properties and venues, integrating each location
  • Join Rewards for free to receive complimentary promotional items for your customers

Build Relationships

Pricing Optimization


To really drive the maximum amount of revenue, several stars need to align. You need to offer the right things to the right customer at the right time for the right price. That was hard enough to read, so it is undoubtedly a complex process—unless you have the data you need to understand your customers. With pricing optimization tools, you can analyze how demand varies at different cost levels and make intelligent adjustments to your prices. Plus, with a comprehensive view of customers at your fingertips, your forecasting will become more accurate and you can develop new strategies to push participation and revenue.

  • Run detailed reports on any combination of data
  • Easily make changes or edits to your pricing structures
  • Get insight into customer behavior by tracking activities, purchases, preferences, medical needs and more
  • Track the performance of your website with reports on visitors, page views and clicks

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Volunteer & Staff Management


Do tasks like sorting out staff payroll or delegating volunteer duties take more time than they should? What if you could finally focus on the bigger picture because you were able to automate daily management? With Active Network’s staff and volunteer management solutions, you can do just that. Our software suite is built to be flexible, allowing you to customize it to your organization, but comprehensive enough to give you a built-in tool for every business need. Active's staff and volunteer management software meets all of your organization’s needs from a central database within one simple system. Let us show you how.

Volunteer Features:
  • Register and assign volunteers to roles online
  • Capture e-signatures and process mandatory forms, like liability waivers, online
  • Send automated email confirmation and updates
  • Run reports on attendance, productivity hours, trends and much more

Staff Features:
  • Set and track staff hours, hourly rates or salaries
  • Process payrolls for salaried, hourly and temporary workers
  • Create one-off or recurring timesheets
  • Integrate with your current accounting software
  • Run reports on payroll, commissions, hours and more

Build Relationships

Customer Relationship Management


Do your customers come first? If you make your customers feel special, then they will like and support you and continue to be loyal. Relationships with customers can often make or break a business, but staying on top of every personal detail can be challenging. There are tools to help you stay organized so you can predict and adapt to customer behavior and strengthen your connections by providing real value. With CRM software, you have consolidated client information within one database, giving you more control and insight into each and every person.

Understanding clients’ needs has proven to lift revenue in lockstep with customer satisfaction levels. Our CRM software provides you with easy solutions and an organized platform to show your customer how much you value their loyalty.

  • View at-a-glance summaries of the most important customer data
  • Find and edit customer information with quick search functionality and easy navigation
  • Access historical data on past transactions, registrations, attendance, communications, and memberships
  • Run reports on any combination of customer data to uncover trends and identify opportunities
  • Attract and retain customers with an integrated loyalty program




Looking to add value or show appreciation to your consumers? Rewards is a membership program designed to help facilities, organizations, team sports and event directors gain a competitive edge via easy and fun sampling programs and promotional opportunities at no cost. We provide you with the tools to deliver an impactful promotion that requires minimal staff time so you can concentrate on other business matters. Quality sample products are brought to you from top brands in the active lifestyle industry and are available at various times throughout the year.

Learn more about becoming a member to receive free, relevant product samples and promotional items!

  • Product samples and support materials shipped to you, FREE of charge
  • Introduce your participants to products from brands that support a healthy lifestyle
  • Choose only the sampling programs that best fit your event, facility or organization
  • Bring exciting programs to your customers while Active does the leg work
  • Be part of a thriving membership base that includes health clubs, community recreation centers, colleges, events, campgrounds, park districts, races, sport and social clubs, youth sports, etc.
  • Manage your facility or organization amenity profile online
Customers Include:
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"Active takes real interest in the success of its customers and I like that they continually provide us ways to keep our customers happy. It's always about the customer and Active knows that!"

Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission

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