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Point of Sale

Take control of sales

Step up customer service with quick transactions and relationship management tools

The devil is in the details when it comes to keeping customers happy. With Active Network, you can take full control over sales and raise customer service levels using our easy and fast point-of-sale (POS) solution. The POS system features a friendly touch-screen interface and tracks inventory in real-time. Integrated credit card processing speeds up transaction times and reduces mistakes, ensuring your data is complete and accurate. Plus, with our customer relationship management system, you’ll have so much info on your customers, you’ll know what they want before they do.

Whether you have one location or many, the POS solution can be scaled to integrate multiple properties or companies—even making transfers within stores. Integrate even further with food and beverage software, membership billing systems and reservation modules, depending on what your organization needs. And if you need hardware, we’ve got it. Mobilize your POS system with a wireless PDA scanner, portable data collector and more.

Active’s stacked suite of POS solutions, which easily integrates with your favorite business functions, will help you work better, boost revenue and in the end, make customers feel special.

  • Features

    • Integrated Payment Processing
      Process cash, credit, check, gift certificate, customer account and room charge payments.
    • Flexible Billing
      Quickly perform discounts, split bills, trade-ins or refunds and charges to customer accounts.
    • Real-Time Inventory
      Access accurate reports of available inventory and receive reorder prompts when levels drop.
    • Gift Cards and Rewards
      Process gift cards/certificates and offer an integrated rewards program.
    • Customer Relationship Management
      Get to know your customers better and predict buying behavior with reservation data and customer history tracking.
    • Extensive Reporting
      View detailed reports on any specified time period for employees, products, services or categories.
  • Benefits

    • Increase Revenue
      Offer customers more and improve accounts receivable processes.
    • Step Up Service
      Process payments quickly and efficiently while leveraging relationship management tools.
    • Save Time
      Automated processes and reporting.
    • Improve Management
      Get real-time information on inventory, financials and customers.
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