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Facility & Resource Management

Never overbook again

Real-time resource and facility management software

Manage your facilities, resources and rentals online to max out usage and stop the madness of double-booking. Watch your revenue climb upwards, pulling customer satisfaction up with it, as you react and book in real-time. With resource and facility management software, you can say goodbye to the stress of sorting out which space, instructor, or piece of equipment is available. And no need to worry about payments. It’s all done automatically for you.

Managing your resources and facilities doesn’t have to be complicated. With resource and facility management software, you can speed up your operations and increase your revenue automatically and easily.

  • Features

    • Facility Reservation
      View availability, automatically process bookings and make changes in real-time.
    • Equipment Rental
      Reserve and track rental equipment, create unique barcodes and collect fees for lost and damaged items.
    • Online Payment Processing
      Process reservation and rental payments online and set flexible charge options, including deposits.
    • Automated Approvals
      Use email and web tools to automate tiered approval processes or 3rd party permits.
    • Reporting
      View reservation summaries and pull detailed information on contacts, revenue, usage, attendance and more.
    • Multi System Integration
      Integrate your software with accounting, activity registration, membership and pass management systems.
  • Benefits

    • Improve Efficiency
      Improve facility and asset management.
    • Save Time
      Automate every process.
    • Reduce Risk
      Automate approval and 3rd party permit processes.
    • Increase Revenue
      Maximize facility and resource usage.
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