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Customer Loyalty

Everyone likes to feel special

Build real relationships with loyalty programs

Have you let your customers, both current and potential, know how much you value their business? Have you made them feel special? Privileged? Maybe you should consider adding a loyalty program to your services. With Active Network’s technology, you can quickly create a program that fully integrates with all important business functions while offering tempting incentives to motivate and reward your customers.

If you don’t feel like building your own program, or simply want to add more to what you already offer customers, Active has a ready-made solution for you. ActiveRewards is a promotional program that opens up a whole new door to customer appreciation. Sign up for free—you choose which promotions you’d like to participate in, and soon free product samples, promotional kits and materials will appear at your door. These items come from Active’s relationships with national brands and can be anything from healthy snacks to clothing, which you can distribute to your customers, either as part of your loyalty program or as a complimentary perk.

  • Features

    • Full Integration
      Tie programs to existing operations, including registration, membership, point-of-sale, web stores, and more.
    • Point and Value-Based Programs
      Itemize the rewards you offer your customers based on points or values you determine.
    • Automatic Tracking
      Track and allow customers to redeem points on member or guest accounts.
    • Gift Certificates
      Create, issue and track current and outstanding gift certificates.
    • Multi-Property Application
      Apply over multiple properties and venues, integrating each location.
    • Rewards
      Sign up for free to receive complimentary promotional items for your customers.
  • Benefits

    • Strengthen Relationships
      Acknowledge and reward customers with a loyalty program.
    • Attract New Customers
      Offer a high-level of service and demonstrable value.
    • Boost Revenue
      Incentivize sales and target marketing.
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