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Research Services

Research Services
  • Syndicated Research Reports

    With access to both the largest “active consumer panel” (recruited exclusively from members) and the largest database of transactional data around how Americans participate in sports and activities, Active Network can provide our partners a deep level of understanding around these consumers. We offer:

    • Monthly Activity Reporting
    • Quarterly Activity Trends
    • Annual “State of the Industry” Reports around key channels we serve, including Running, Triathlon, Cycling, Youth Sports, Outdoors and more!

    Custom Research

    Qualitative Research
    We offer a full suite of traditional research services, including:

    • Focus Groups
    • Product Concept Testing
    • IHUT

    Quantitative Research
    Both our database and consumer panel are used to develop and execute custom and standardized surveys.

    Our exclusive points of access (health clubs, running events, yoga studios, triathlon clubs, and youth sports events) allow us to conduct customized research via direct, on-site interactions with key consumers.