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Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing

Get up close and personal with your consumers.

We’ll put our brand ambassadors to work for you. Our team of influencers know how to get the attention of local press; hold retail demonstrations; sample products and coupons; organize community events; volunteer; product test; blog; and simply spread the news about your product within their community. Whether you are looking to generate word-of-mouth on the streets or online, our database of ambassadors can help you create some buzz.

  • Features

    • Sphere of influence through local community
    • Ability to champion your brand to like-minded consumers
    • Passion for an active lifestyle
    • Extensive social networks
  • Range of influencers:

    • Social enthusiasts
    • Training teams
    • Ambassador moms
    • Endurance athletes
    • Fitness enthusiasts

Case Studies

Dunkin' Donuts

Increase awareness of the new DDSMART menu and transform brand perception within the running/walking community, while ultimately driving new consumers to retail within key target markets.


A group of 30 team captains were recruited to lead 10 of their friends through an 8-week training journey from being a couch potato through the completion of their first 5K. The life-transforming journey spread virally through social networks, event appearances, coupon distribution and word-of-mouth exposure.


Increase product trial and brand exposure in the specialized world of endurance sports.


Through the recruitment of 250 sponsored amateur athletes, Team Aquaphor created a buzz within local communities by distributing product samples, racing in branded apparel, generating press, and talking-up the benefits of Aquaphor to friends, family and others in their sphere of influence.


Introduce the Eating Right Kids brand to social and highly influential family decision makers and position the brand as the choice for a better tasting, better for you snack option.


100 parents across Safeway’s target test market were recruited to serve as brand ambassadors and wear branded apparel, distribute coupons in a relevant setting and share personal product testimonials.