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Tennis and Golf Sampling

Tennis and Golf Sampling

The best way to get in good with influential consumers

Through our network of golf sites and our partnership with USTA, Active offers you a doorway to the affluent and elusive tennis and golf audience. Connect with this luxury demographic when they are participating in their favorite activities, tournaments and events.

  • 4 reasons to choose Active Network

    • Our reach
      500 Golf Courses and Tennis Facilities / Tournaments providing access to 1MM+ users. Private country clubs, USTA tennis tournaments, public golf courses and tennis facilities.
    • Our targeting
      Sample regionally or nationally.
  • 4 reasons to choose Active Network

    • Our turnkey management
      We’ll manage all aspects of the program from venue selection to shipping and reporting.
    • Your ROI
      Post-program research to prove results.

Case Studies

Jamba Juice

Increase sales and drive consumers to participating retail locations in support major summer promotion.


With coupon distribution at local tournaments and facilities, Jamba Juice was able to increase foot traffic to nearby retail locations during the promotional time period.


Expand consumer base beyond endurance athletes, by introducing leisure sports participants, such as golf and tennis players, to CLIF Bars.


Throughout the entire CLIF sampling campaign, nearly 2.5MM samples were distributed at tournaments and facility check-in, significantly increasing the product trial rate.

Cool Off

Build awareness and increase purchase intent for COOL OFF personal cooling towelettes.


100,000 product samples distributed at geo-targeted events and facilities, increasing brand awareness among target consumers by nearly 52%.