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Health Club Sampling

Health Club Sampling

Our sampling program. Your results.

Product sampling in health clubs, fitness centers and gyms is the ideal way to reach health-conscious, active consumers. We should know. We’ve been managing health club sampling programs for almost 20 years.

  • 4 reasons to choose Active Network

    • Our reach
      6,000+ fitness centers providing access to 15MM+ members. Traditional health clubs, women-only fitness centers, YMCAs, JCCs, community rec centers, workplace fitness centers, college rec centers and medical-affiliates centers.
    • Our targeting
      Sample by gender, region, age.
    • Our turnkey management
      We’ll manage all aspects of the program from sample distribution, including dry, wet, and refrigerated samples, to final reporting.
    • Your ROI
      Post-program research to prove results.
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Case Studies


Introduce L’Oreal’s new Redken product line to active males, 18-25 years old, and drive them to nearby Supercuts locations for purchase.


200,000 sample packages and coupons distributed to target consumers at male-skewed fitness facilities, driving a lift in store traffic at nearby Supercuts.


Introduce Dole Real Fruit Bites to active and health-conscience mothers at relevant points in the activity journey.


1MM Geo-targeted samples distributed to active females at health and wellness facilities in conjunction with a product survey that aided in the development of a product marketing strategy for Dole.


Increase adoption of the Polar FT40 training computer for fitness enthusiasts through hands-on demonstrations.


Nearly 10,000 product demos were executed by fitness instructors at local gyms and health clubs during the 6-week program, significantly increasing purchasing intent among target consumers.