Mobile Solutions

Get your message heard at precisely the right moment.

We’ll help you extend your reach by putting your message into the hands of the fast-growing community of mobile users. Reach consumers while they are engaged in the activities and experiences that are relevant to your brand and have increased purchase intent. Make an impact by reaching target consumers as they prepare to start the big race, after the cross the finish line or when they’re ready to celebrate and re-commit.

Consumer purchase intent is from three to eight times higher on mobile than it is online with regard to retail, CPG, entertainment, travel, and technology products and services.*

* comScore, Sept. 2010; 2 “Mobile Marketing” insight, February 5, 2010

  • Features

    • Mobile display advertising
    • Rich media
    • Targeting
    • SMS advertising
    • MMS advertising
  • FACT: Active consumers are twice as likely to buy new gadgets.

Case Studies

Powerade Zero

Increase brand awareness among M18-34 with a multiplatform program delivering compelling and relevant experiences to users.


Included in the multi-pronged online plan developed by Active was a prominent sponsorship logo on the new mobile app promoting Powerade Zero to mobile users.