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Team Sports Enthusiast Demographics 

Meet Brad.

Brad loves sports, especially baseball and soccer. He plays Little League in the spring and traveling soccer in the fall. Brad also likes playing pick up basketball and skateboarding with his friends. But because his schedule is full of sports year round, he doesn’t have too much time for any other extracurricular activities. Brad likes to hang out and goof around with his teammates when they are traveling for games and scrimmages. He never leaves home or travels without his cell phone, Nintendo Gameboy Advance or iPod.

  • They’re committed to youth sports year round

    • Over 90% of the seasons last more than 7 weeks
    • 72% are practicing 2x or more per week
    • 35% of families are participating in 2 - 4 teams per year (total for all children), while 30% are participating in 5 – 10 teams per year
    • The most popular youth sports within the Active audience include: baseball/softball (61%), soccer (44%), basketball (41%), track/field (33%) and football (32%)

    Youth sports are a family affair

    • 12% of Active Moms describe themselves as a “coach” and 30% describe themselves as volunteers
    • 42% purchase their team’s uniforms
    • 45% supply snacks after games
    • 72% strongly agree with “sports/activities are an important part of my life”
  • Unique Users:

    • – 11.8%
    • – 18.4%
    • –15.8%
    • LaxPower – 24.8%
    • SportsPower – 24.4
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