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Active Mom Demographics 

Meet Christine.

Christine is a busy working mom who loves to get outside on the weekends for a run or family hike. She is always trying to balance work and family while staying active and healthy. In many ways, she is the head of her household through key financial and purchasing decisions. When advertisers reach Christine, they reach a consumer who does the majority of the shopping for her household and is a key influencer within her community.

  • They’re trendsetters

    Over half our moms would strongly or somewhat agree that they are “trendsetters” when it comes to trying new products.

    They’re busy but take time to stay active

    • 72% of active moms work full or part time, and 12% are self employed
    • 50% participate in a physical activity 5 – 6 times per week
    • 61% belong to a health club

    They are active across all aspects of their lives

    • 76% are runners, 60% are walkers, 43% are cyclists, 43% lift weights, and 38% practice yoga
    • 72% enjoy reading, 66% enjoy cooking and baking, while 55% are online (chatting and e-mailing)

    They influence their entire family’s health

    • The number one reason for working out is physical health (94%) followed by stress relief (84%)
    • One third state that all members of their household participate in multiple sports
    • 76% strongly agree or agree that their friends/family frequently ask them questions about health and fitness
  • Demographics

    • Total HHI $75,000+, 56%
    • Total HHI $100,000+, 44%
    • Employed full or part-time, 40%
    • Graduated college with degree, 34%
    • Married, 97%
    • Have 2+ Children, 68%
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