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Active Family Demographics 

Meet the King Family.

The Kings are an Active Family that always looks for ways to have quality “family time”. Some of their favorite family activities include watching Mitchell play soccer or coaching Maggie in t-ball. They also build sports and activities into their vacations with ski trips or summer canoe outings.

The King’s are huge baseball and basketball fans and enjoy going to Padres games and seeing San Diego State play basketball. If they do watch TV, its usually a sports event. You can call them “fanatical” about their sports!

  • Fun, teamwork and health drive participation

    When asked why their children participated in sports, top 5 reasons provided by parents were:

    • Because it’s fun (95%)
    • To develop social/athletic skills (73%)
    • Personal gratification (69%)
    • To stay in shape (62%)
    • Because their friends participate (56%)

    They are both participants and fans of sports

    • On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being “fanatical”), over 60% would rate themselves at a level 8 or higher – indicating that participants are the most passionate fans!
    • They also enjoy watching sports as a family – with over 74% watching the Olympics, over 60% watching college football and basketball , close to 60% watching MLB and close to 80% watching the NFL.
  • Demographic:

    • Total HHI $75,000+, 59%
    • Total HHI $100,000+, 54%
    • Married, 98%
    • Have Children (2+), 72%
    • Have Pets, 92%
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