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Employee Testimonials


Employee Testimonials

Hear what employees are saying!

  • Steve Andrews, Finance Manager (San Diego, CA)

    “At Active I’ve learned that when you’re surrounded by good people, great success is sure to follow. Active employees share the common “work hard, play hard” mentality which makes for an incredible business culture and atmosphere!”
  • Scott Novell, Manager, E-Commerce (San Diego, CA)

    “At Active I’ve found a fast-paced environment, with a company culture grounded in a healthy, active lifestyle. I enjoy being at a company that has continued to grow and expand its reach every year that I've been here. Being on the technical side of the business, I've also enjoyed being able to experiment with the newest cutting edge technologies that can help increase productivity for our customers while enhancing our business.”
  • Ryan Thompson, Business Analyst (Draper, UT)

    “Active provides a great environment that challenges me to be the best I can be. Along with interesting, rewarding work I also have a great work/life balance which is important to me as a husband and father. I'm also grateful to be part of a team that sees the talents in each team member and combines our talents in ways that allow everyone to shine.”
  • Selena Mawhinney, Call Center Trainer (Frostburg, MD)

    “I have found a friendly working environment in the ever growing call center. There is room for advancement as which I have recently experienced. I started 2 years ago and have advanced to training new hires. There are flexible hours which makes it great for a college student or a parent.”
  • Jane Marshall, Sales Executive (Boulder, CO)

    “I have found a dynamic, team environment where collaboration is welcomed and encouraged. Working at Active enables work/life balance, where I am provided with the leadership, training and support to promote my success.”
  • Brian O'Neill, Supervisor, Software Development (Boulder, CO)

    “I love coming to work every day at Active because I know that I’ll always have fresh and challenging projects to work on. As a bonus, I work with the most talented, hardest working, and creative people I’ve ever worked with. You can’t beat that.”
  • Bardya Ariana, Project Manager (Burnaby, Canada)

    “Active has allowed me to grow at an unbelievable rate by empowering me to take on challenges and has helped me succeed by fostering an open environment, providing great mentorship and an amazing team. I am glad to be part of an organization that is making the world more active through two of my interests, sports and technology.”
  • Amber Hall, Facilities and Travel Assistant (Burnaby, Canada)

    “Waking up for work is no longer a chore when you are passionate about your job. Active offers a great work- life balance with the perfect dose of fun. Active’s outstanding company culture and values allow for all employees to feel as though you belong no matter what your position.”
  • Ryan Martino, Work at Home Team Lead (Ballston Spa, NY)

    “I love working at Active Network because of my surrounding co-workers!”
  • Gordon Grey, Quality Assurance Manager Operations (Ballston Spa, NY)

    “I have been in the employ of ReserveAmerica since January 1999 and with Active Network, since the acquisition in February 2009. During that time I have been a reservation agent, a floor supervisor, Quality Assurance supervisor and my current position is National Quality Assurance Manager. I enjoy my work with the company because it allows me to work with people who have our external and internal customer's best interest at hand. Active always holds its employees and their careers in very high regard and their actions support their words.”
  • Eric Ma, MRI Team Lead (China)

    “At Active, I’ve found not only a great career path for me, to extend my career technical & business skills, to join an organization with high standard of professionalism and has the ability to provide me with a vast exposure of experience, to share my expertise, learn and share my experience with my co-workers; but also found an exciting active lifestyle with my co-workers and friends, I can’t enjoy more participating all the excited activities in Active, like riding with ActiveX cycling team!”
  • Rui Zhang, Test Team Lead (China)

    “At Active I become a professional software tester from a graduate. I always have the opportunity to learn and grow up, also take up new challenges. I like the working environment and like to work with the team who are always passionate and do the best to make the thing happen!”
  • Vivian Wang, Software Test Lead (China)

    “At Active there are opportunities, challenges, passion, trust and fairness... I’ve experienced all of them being in an energetic team. I’ve seen power of the team and courage of taking responsibilities. I’m learning things both for work and life. And more, Active promotes young and healthy life style, I am proud to work on products that provide ‘active’ services.”
  • Lisa Richards, Account Executive (Nashville, TN)

    “At Active, I am learning the sky is the limit! I am looking forward to new opportunities in my career path. My co-workers are great and show great leadership and teamwork. I have been shown encouragement for my accomplishments and have received guidance for my challenges. I am excited for what is to come my way.”