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The gift that keeps on giving

Charity software that helps raise more money with less effort

  • If you’re like most charities, you lead with your heart. And you need a lot of heart to manage small budgets, to open pocketbooks and to inspire others with your message. What inspires us at Active Network is building technology to help great organizations do great things. Your challenges are unique and we understand that. In fact, we think your altruistic heart is a perfect match for our head for business.

    With Active’s charity software, you can automate fundraising and donations. Integrate every aspect of your charity management into one easy system—everything you need will be in a single place! With less work and more organization, you will finally have the time and resources you need to reach your goals. Benevolence has never been so easy.


    • Collect donations online 24/7
      with secure payment processing, generating automatic thank you emails and tax receipts.
    • Accept registrations online
      for any type of event, customizing the forms to collect the information you need.
    • Sell tickets to your next fundraising event online
      and automatically send thank yous, receipts and tax-deductible confirmations .
    • Capture valuable member information
      while processing fees and renewals.
    • Stagger and pre-schedule donations
      over time periods you designate.
    • Create, promote and run your auctions online
      with flexible and customized auction tools.
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    • Manage campaigns
      with viral marketing and robust email tools that recruit donors effectively.
    • Coordinate an annual online calendar
      around your organization's existing and new campaigns.