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You were called to serve people, not software

Church management software solutions for your church

  • A Leader in Cloud-based Church Software

    Active Network is the largest provider of cloud-based solutions for the local church having recently acquired Fellowship Technologies, ConnectionPower and ServiceU. The products will eventually be combined into a common church management software platform called ActiveWorks | Faith. You can read more about these exciting announcements here:

    Why Church Management Software?

    Church management software helps churches become more effective in ministry, more efficient in administration and to engage the community. By providing access to accurate data, a church software system, like Fellowship One, is designed to connect churches to the people they are trying to reach.

    Fellowship One, Web-based Church Software

    Fellowship One is a web-based church management software solution, designed for churches of any size, from new church plants to multi-site mega churches. Fellowship One provides a unique 360-degree, single view of the families in your church, their involvement and their needs so that you can personalize their care.

    Some of the many features of Fellowship One include:

    ServiceU, Software to Manage Events & Giving

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    • Simplify enrollment
      for before- and after-school child care programs, including flexible forms that collect important notes and medical alerts.
    • Build a website that captures the spirit of your church
      with simple content management solutions.