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Sports Facilities


Under your roof, you make the rules

Unbelievably easy sports facility management software

  • Save time, money and energy when you run your sports facility online. Your resources will be operating at full power because all room, field, court and rink availabilities are available in real time with instant reservations and payments. No more overbooking or lost revenue. Individuals can also register for activities online, ending your losing battle with illegible, never-ending paperwork. Easily manage memberships, leagues, activities and special events online with facility management software.

    No other sports facility management software reduces your workload so dramatically or gives you so much control. Active Network has been providing technology solutions to facilities like yours for over 10 years and we currently serve thousands community organizations like yours.


    • Book spaces with a single click
      using online facility reservations, eliminating double-bookings.
    • Offer online activity registration
      collect waivers and send automatic email confirmations all from one system.
    • Create league and team schedules
      manage rosters and coordinate referees with league management tools.
    • Set membership types
      collect fees, issue ID cards, track passes and process renewals with an online membership and pass manager.
    • Track transactions from any location
      using fast and accurate point-of-sale solutions.
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    • Offer public access
      for members to manage personal accounts, make payments, and view family schedules.
    • Market your facility
      with a built-in email tool and the ability to create custom contact lists.
    • Get detailed reports
      on financial, membership or activity statuses.