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Earn more green for your greens

Best-in-class golf course software, tee sheet reservation systems, point of sale and more

  • Running a golf course requires an eye for detail and a flair for customer service. Disorganized data and broken communication are the frustrations of many golf course operators, resulting in less efficient day-to-day management. Active Network's golf course management software can alleviate these challenges by integrating every aspect of your course within one easy-to-use program. Our web-based solutions are specifically designed for those who want to spend less time dealing with paperwork. Manage your tee sheet using Active's straight-forward tee sheet reservation system and yield management tools which can help you not only manage reservations from your pro shop, but offer tee times from your own website an sell rounds through and other distribution channels.

    Active's comprehensive golf course software has been used by thousands of golf courses worldwide for over 30 years. No other golf software solution can offer you the integration, revenue boost and time savings that Active Network can. We'll handle the software, so you can keep your eyes on the greens.


    • Integrate your golf point-of-sale operations
      with inventory management.
    • Provide fast, accurate food and beverage systems
      to improve customer service.
    • Integrate revenue streams
      including accounts receivable, member billing, general ledger and more.
    • Manage customer relationships
      with a system that incentivizes customer loyalty.
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    • Offer one-touch tee sheet reservations
      to simplify registrations.
    • Leverage
      to increase tee time bookings.